Ice Blue

Frozen moments of impact

My inspiration was a waterdrop that falls down, creating a ripple that moves outward in circles. Touching slowly but surely everything surrounding it. Structure, texture and use of color froze that particular moment in time. When all is affected by one drop of water.

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Red Power

When strengths are bundled together

The color choice was leading for this painting. The texture was shaped like a vortex. The color Red represents the energy that is being drawn towards the middle of the painting. When strengths are focused and bundled, anything is possible.

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Cream Destiny

Timeless universal journey

To me, this painting represents a journey. Darkness with sparkles, built on a rock foundation. The structured design was created first. Highlighting this painting layer by layer. I worked with the dark brown paint, upon which the lighter -colored paint was applied.
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Vanishing Turquoise

Two sides of a color

The surface was prepared with strings of flat texture. The first layer of paint was dark blue. I worked with the turquoise color diagonally outwards. As I moved towards the corners, I added more blue on one side and more green on the other until the turquoise had completely vanished

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Rusty Teal

The endurance of vintage

In the texture I have created an eye catching element, where the structure looks like melting iron running down the canvas. I was inspired by rust and the great various of color it can show us. Something that went through so much, can transfomr into amazing colors.

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About the artist

Vi Kay creates abstract fine art.
She mainly uses acrylic paint on textured surfaces that she made herself.
They are available are an original painting or as detail Acrylic Glass print in floating frame.
She worked out of her home atelier in Voorburg.