About the artist

V. K.

Vi Kay's work is an abstract interpretation of the inspiration she finds in her daily life. All of her paintings represent a part of her experience, discoveries or emotions, which are then given free range to come to life on the canvas. She works on her self created textured surface with mostly acrylic paint.

Creativity has been a part of her life for as long as she can remember. In her early years she loved to work with charcoal, and the small sculptures she made were successfully sold on fairs. Around 2005 she was introduced to the endless possibilities that oil paint provides, and mainly painted landscapes. Her first abstract work was made with pastels. 10 years later she found the material to fit her creativity perfectly: acrylic paint. She developed her own recipe for the texture she uses to prepare the canvas. The result is a unique surface that becomes part of the abstract interpretation.

All my paintings represent a part of me. My experience, discoveries and emotions are my source of inspiration.

Vi Kay